03/1986 – 03/1989

Tandem Analyst / Application Programmer

Main Tasks: Viewdata Program Development on Tandem Pathway system in COBOL and ScreenCOBOL screen design/layout (UI/UX) and screen coding.

Working at: Companies that suppled videotex/viewdata to the travel industry and banks


viewdata screen

Cars: Pick up Trucks for personal use were still unusual at this time, The Toyota Hilux, remarkably simular to the Back to the Future Hilix of 1985.

Toyota Hilux 1985

Music: Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel · 1986


Fun Stats

See how different things were at this time

Personal Computers

Number of households with computers in the UK

CD Sales

Number of CD sales compared to other formats at this time

Mobile Phones

At this time they were car phones or large handsets